Our Services:

Professional Audio Equipment

MUSICIANS AND RECORDING STUDIOS have come to know and trust Deltronics for reliable, cost effective repairs. We have experience working with everything from the oldest Ampex ATR to the newest hard disc recorder, Urei, Pultec, Telefunken, Eventide and others. Deltronics has endless sources for all types of obsolete parts such as tubes, transformers, transistors and IC's.

PROFESSIONAL DJ AUDIO EQUIPMENT is one of our specialties. We repair all types of DJ gear, from the latest state-of-the-art controller to the sweetest sounding vintage drum machine: Technics 1200 turntables and AKAI MPCs; Pioneer controllers, mixers, CDJs, DDJs, DJMs and more. At Deltronics, we have the skill and expertise to get your gear back into the mix.

KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS we've repaired include anything from the oldest Farfisa organ to the newest Yamaha Motif; old analog synths such as Arp, Moog, and Oberheim; Mini Moogs, Memory Moogs, Arp Odyssey, Arp Omni, as well as old Wurlitzer electric pianos and Fender Rhodes. We have original repair manuals and parts for Hammond B-3, M-3, and Leslie speaker units.

GUITAR AND BASS RIGS are a big part of our business. We are factory authorized by all the big boys, such as Marshall, Fender, Ampeg, and Vox, just to name a few. We can restore the oldest Fender Twin or Showman to its showroom condition. Deltronics has restored Hi-Watts, Boogies, Sunns, Peaveys, and even the occasional Sears Silvertone.

SPEAKER REPAIR:  Whether it's a straightforward speaker repair, or an out-of-stock vintage speaker that needs reconing and refoaming, Deltronics has the tools to make damaged speakers look and sound like new—and we do it at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Home Electronic Equipment

TURNTABLES are, to some people, an obsolete relic. But others with more discerning taste treasure their record collections and demand a good turntable that functions properly. Deltronics can repair and restore any turntable from a low priced BSR to a Linn Sondak.

REEL-TO-REEL TAPE RECORDERS, once the ultimate in high fidelity, has been surpassed by newer technology—but to a person with a large collection of tapes, that reel-to-reel machine must work and work well. At Deltronics, we have repaired reel to reels shipped in from as far away as New York and California. We can repair Sony, Teac, Akai, Roberts and many other brands. We have a complete set of alignment tapes for all speeds and formats.

PRE-AMPS, AMPLIFIERS, INTEGRATED AMPS & RECEIVERS—Deltronics can repair any of them. We are authorized by most of the "big guns in HI-FI", such as Pioneer, NAD, and Harman Kardon. We can restore an old Macintosh or repair the latest surround sound digital receiver. There is never a job too big or too small for Deltronics.

Vintage Equipment Restoration

WE EXCEL at restoring vintage audio and musical equipment to its original operating condition. With our many years in the electronics service industry we have developed scores of tricks and techniques for repairing components for which original parts are no longer available. 

We always strive to make a piece look and perform as close to original as possible, yet still be reliable enough to actually use as it was originally intended.

Our technicians know how a unit should work, and also know how it should sound. As any musician knows, just because something works does not mean it sounds the way it should. We understand this distinction and strive to make our repair and restoration work bring every unit back to its original sonic state. 

Authorized Warranty Repair:

Is your unit still under warranty? We are a factory-trained and authorized "Warranty Repair Center" for the following brands: